Classes to maintain or regain fitness

For more information on the types and locations of the various classes proposed by Samir Labidi, please go to the « My classes » page.

Quality vocational training

Several organizations regularly call upon the services of Samir Labidi to train their instructors looking to acquire additional knowledge and skills.

Samir Labidi has developed training modules on fitness teaching methods and event organization. He notably trains staff from holiday clubs (such as Marmara) to ensure that lessons are accessible to all and to enable future instructors and coaches to provide lessons to the general public.

Sports and dance coaching

Samir’s diplomas and considerable experience enable him to help individuals who wish to improve their well-being through personalized objectives.

  • Muscle strengthening
  • Weight loss
  • Preventive health measures
  • Balanced diet
  • Personal training(dance)

Events organization

His years of experience enable Samir Labidi to organize various events throughout the year. He notably organizes free fitness classes for all every Sunday under the name «Dimfit», five Zumba Nights a year with various themes and different Zumba events in the towns where he teaches.


Samir Labidi is often called upon to set up various fitness classes, reorganize class schedules, breathe new life into classes, and provide management advice. Samir provides assistance throughout the entire project.

Event participation

Renowned for his activities, Samir Labidi is called upon to take part in various events:

  • Inauguration of sports shops (e.g. Decathlon)
  • Charity events (Telethon, Run for Life, Pink October, Zumbathon)
  • Music festivals
  • Street fairs and markets (sports demonstrations)