My classes

My classes

Zumba Kids

Zumba kids is a dance-fitness class aimed at Zumba fans aimed 7-11, in which they can shake their hips as much as they like. This class offers music and dance steps adapted to the age of the participants.

The aim? To let kids be themselves and move to the beat without being afraid of what others think!

Zumba Junior

Zumba junior kids is a dance class for younger children. They can burn off excess energy, dance, dream and do their health good while having fun.

This class, aimed at 4-6 year olds, lets children be themselves and really let their hair down! The new sounds and experiences proposed will fulfill their endless curiosity and cater for their boundless energy.
They will join a group activity, move to the beat of music that is suitable for their age group and have the chance to play with other children.


Pilates is a gentle form of fitness.

In the space of a few decades, this method has seduced numerous stars and is now practiced by millions.
With more than 500 exercises and equipment that can sometimes be surprising, it aims to increase the body’s muscle strength, but differently.
Balance and poise are the key words in this sport which relies heavily on correct breathing and body posture.

Everyone can practice Pilates, as although the exercises are demanding, they are neither brutal nor traumatic for the body. It is recommended for:

  • People who do little or no sport
  • Those suffering from stress, tiredness, stiffness, pregnant women or women who have just given birth, the elderly and the injured during their convalesence.

For Mums to be and those of fragile health, medical advice and monitoring is nevertheless essential.


Aeroboxing is a sport particularly appreciated by women. Be reassured, if you take it up you won’t end up with a black eye and bruises all over. Aeroboxing mixes movements from the noble art with aerobic movements, without ever giving or receiving punches. Guaranteed to help you let your hair down and make you feel good !

Aeroboxing is the sort of sport that anyone can do as the basic movements are easy to grasp and no specific knowledge of combat sports is required. In addition, the fun you get from it is unique, as it helps you shake off stress and keep your figure trim. A complete physical workout aimed at all age groups, men and women alike.


Are you ready to party to get fit? Forget about doing traditional series of exercises, and let yourself go to the music while you tone up with the first dance-fitness programme. Zumba classes are based on exotic and energetic latin-based and international beats! Before you know it, you’ll be fit and full of energy! It’s easy, effective and totally exhilarating!


Classes consist in learning and repeating a choreography based on a series of movements on and around a step (up/down, back and forth, side to side, mambo, about turn….).

From simple movements («basic step») to more complicated moves («double step touch»), a multitude of combinations and choreographies are possible.
It’s a fun way of doing sport and improves endurance. It improves coordination and posture. It increases muscle strength and is good for burning off calories.

Total body workout

This class involves several cardiovascular activities such as Step and muscle strengthening exercises, often combined. In practice, it involves using various equipment such as dumbbells, resistance bands and bars etc.

This energetic activity attracts those eager to let off steam.


Stretch classes involve muscle stretching exercises and regular practice helps to develop joint suppleness.


Targeted exercises to strengthen abdominal muscles and rapidly develop a flat stomach.
Benefits: tones the abdominal wall to prevent back ache.
Duration: 10 minutes!


This class is a mix of dance and aerobics. Aerodance is a high and low impact aerobics class which combines low-impact movements involving no jumping with high-impact jump moves. In this class you’ll not only improve your cardiovascular endurance but also discover your dance talents as you move along to choreographies concocted by Samir. Each month a new choreography is created especially for the class and the instructor chooses music with exercises adapted to the level of the group.

Long-term benefits:

  • Classes develop cardiovascular endurance, tone muscles and improve suppleness
  • They reduce body fat
  • They improve participants’ mental and physical well-being
  • They develop agility and coordination