A normal childhood!

Samir Labidi was born in 1974 in Tunisia. The child of an Egyptian mother and a Tunisian father, young Samir has a traditional childhood and is like all children of his age.

It isn’t until the age of 14 that he starts his first real sports activity.

Embarrassed by his weight, he asks his father to take him along to a well-known weight training club in Saint Priest called « Club Athlétique ». Samir is unaware that his first steps in this club are about to open the door to the world of sports and sports associations and pave the way for his success!

A promising start

Thanks to countless hours of training and a rigorously healthy lifestyle, Samir develops the body of a true athlete. His hardworking nature and love of sport rapidly attract curiosity, and in particular that of the club owners (managed by a sports association) who sense a strong physical potential.

Establishing a reputation

It’s at the age of 16 that Samir takes part in his first national competition. The « kid from Lyon » kicks off to a great start to say the least, as he comes first and clinches the title of « French power lifting champion ».

Following his 1990 title, Samir wins two other French power lifting champion titles in 1992 and 1993. During the same period he also takes part in weight lifting and body building championships in which he wins third place on the podium.

Now an acknowledged athlete, Samir quietly starts to prepare his future career.

A successful career change

Eager to share his taste for physical activity and sport, in 1999 Samir obtains his « HACUMES» diploma. This training and diploma open up various job opportunities as a coach or fitness instructor.

Self-educated and adaptable, he trains high-level athletes (tennis and football players) as well as individuals looking to maintain or regain their fitness and teaches in various sports clubs or sports associations.

The real click comes with fitness!

Back in the club dear to his heart, in Saint Priest, Samir receives a surprising request from one of the club managers: « How would you like to teach the club’s fitness (dance) classes » ?!

Not afraid of new challenges, Samir replies favourably to their request. Over the 1997/1998 season, « Coach Samir » gives his first fitness classes. If you are curious to know what he taught …they were Gym Tonic classes!

In spite of mixed initial success, he discovers a passion for dance, step and aerobics. It has to be said that this dynamic activity suits his personality to a tee! It’s the interaction and atmosphere that prompt our ex-athlete to obtain a fitness diploma.

Oriental step and ideas galore!

Creator of a new sport, « Oriental step », in 2002 Samir becomes known throughout France thanks to his appearance on French television in the programme « Douce France ». In this programme he presents his new concept before shaking his hips in a demonstration which makes the presenter, Christine Bravo, shiver with delight!

This media coverage enables Samir to build up a network of several thousands of followers. Acknowledged by his profession, he often presents his specialities during fitness conventions in France and abroad. Samir often trains instructors for the French Voluntary Gymnastics Federation and for holiday clubs (Club Med, Marmara).

In 2002, in partnership with the Lyons city council, he creates the « Association Sport Fitness », of which he is still chairman. This association organizes various events with one aim in mind: increasing the number of fitness adepts.

For Samir, this is a magical time. He encounters success, as more and more people take part in the lessons offered and in the events organized.

A new job and new perspectives

In 2007, Samir becomes sports director of a health club in Givors, called « Sport Light ». For five years he discovers the organizational and management aspects of running a sports establishment.

This experience enables him to acquire commercial and managerial competencies.
After five years he decides to give his career a new boost by creating his own organization: « SAMBODYFIT ». He continues to share his passion by giving different fitness classes and developing his own training programmes, but behind all this lies a more ambitious project: Dimfit!

His personal values and Dimfit

Through his education and roots, Samir has developed very strong values that shine through during his professional activities. He’s a person who is deeply attached to his family and friends. These characteristics are at the heart of the Dimfit concept, created in 2009.

For Samir, the creation of Dimfit is a dream come true. This innovative concept, devoted to sport and public health and well-being, is free of charge and open to all.

From now on, sport is accessible to all and Dimfit reflects his way of thinking: mixing social classes and generations.

With the support of the city of Lyon, Samir Labidi has made these Sunday morning gatherings an unmissable moment, where everyone fits in and has fun. He has managed to raise public authority awareness through an action that has already conquered the entire Lyon region. Today, Samir’s aim is to see Dimfit continue to grow. His main battle is the well-being of all. His weapons: his smile, his energy and fitness!